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Shandong Chainfar Aquaculture Feed Co.,Ltd as a premier global supplier of hatchery feed, located in the north of Shandong province of China, produces and supplies premium quality Artemia cysts (brine shrimp eggs) and other specialty feeds for the aquaculture industry worldwide 

we has focused on top quality artemia cysts for over 10 years in China. now we have become one of the leading suppliers in the producing artemia cysts in China.

During these 6 years, the annual output of quality artemia cysts in our company has increased from 50 tons to 500 tons. Now except artemia cysts from Bohai bay, Tibet, Aibi lake, our company also directly import high-quality raw materials of artemia from Russia,  Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.We take pride in providing quality aquaculture products and service in helping you achieve your goals in this ever changing industry. All of our products have been tested, certified and proven by commercial fish and shrimp farms and hatcheries throughout South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa. 

Please believe yourself, it is right choice for you to build long-term business relationship with us. We are your DIRECT reliable supplier, because we are really manufacture and producer which means that when you deal with us, no intermediaries are involved. We apply the most advanced processing equipment and technology to produce our products, so that the products’ quality can be quarantined well.  We always believe competitive price is necessary for our customers, so we would like to help our customers achieve the best business results and make more profits with the best price. If any quality  problem , you can return the goods to us .

Professional Artemia Manufacturer
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