Artemia Cysts

Artemia, an aquatic crustacean also known as Brine Shrimp, produce dormant eggs or cysts which may be dried and stored for extended periods of time. The dried cysts can be hatched on demand. Upon hatching, the live Artemia nauplii are fed as a larval diet to fish and shrimp Artemia cysts, or Brine Shrimp eggs, are commonly used by fish and shrimp hatcheries as a live feed product for the first larval stages of fish and shrimp.

As a live feed product, Artemia nauplii offer a strong nutritional profile, high in fats, lipids and protein, ranging from 55% to 60% protein by dry weight.  These nutritional qualities are crucial to the growth and survival of fish and shrimp larvae. They can be enriched with other feeds or additives, a process often referred to as "bio- encapsulation" in order to deliver HUFAs, antibiotics, or other nutrients to the target species. Artemia cysts can be stored for long periods without losing viability. They have a high content of protein, fats, carotenoid pigments, vitamin B12.

Aral Sea Artemia Cysts

The artemia cysts stemed from Aral sea in Uzebekistan have the small egg diameter, CPG = 250,000 cysts . there are good separation and strong vigor to promote rapid growth and survival for fish, shrimp, crabs larval rearing. Our finished products of Artemia cysts are certified virus free by the our local official authorities Enter-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

Russia Artemia Cysts

Artemia Cysts are harvested from ecologically clean salt lakes of Siberia (Russia) and valued for the very small size of nauplii. High content of protein and amino acids-rich composition of feed provides intensive growth of fingerling and small fish or shrimp

Russia Artemia cysts characteristics

Hatching rate: 85%

NPG: average 200,00-220,000

Diameter of Cyst size: 200 – 300 micron

Length of nauplii (Instart) 0.35-0.45 mm ​

CPG 220 000 - 240 000​

Kazakhstan Artemia Cysts

Our factory directly import raw material from Kazakhstan and process in


our factoty in China.  Hatching rate 85%-90%. 

Our Artemia cysts have the following characteristics:

- The diameter of the egg180 - 200 microns

- 270 000 eggs per gram

- The length of the nauplii hatch at 0.35 - 0.45 mm

Tibet Artemia Cysts

Our Tibet artemia cysts are harvested from Tibet of China. They are processed under the most sanitary conditions, and stored under freezing conditions to maintain the highest quality product direct to you.they are especially for baby aquarium fish and shrimp.


  • 90%+ hatchability guaranteed with 24 hour incubation period

  • The best hatching temperature:28’0

  • 225,000 nauplii/gram dry eggs (baby brine shrimp)

  • Nauplii size: 440 microns

  • Excellent Separation  

  • Package:425g/can,12cans/carton; 5kg/10kg per bucket

Bohai Bay Artemia Cysts

Our Bohai brine shrimp eggs are processed under the most sanitary conditions, and stored under freezing conditions to maintain the highest quality product direct to you.


  • 90%+ hatchability guaranteed with 24 hour incubation period

  • 255,000 nauplii/gram dry eggs (baby brine shrimp)

  • Best Separation with very few sink eggs

  • Anti-high temperature(28ºC-32ºC)

  • The smallest size in the world. only 250μm ± 10μm.

Aibi Lake Artemia Cysts

As we well know,Aibi lake is the biggest salty lake in Xinjiang province and famous of artemia cysts. The artemia cysts ( brine shrimp eggs ) harvested from Aibi Lake have the small egg diameter,These cysts are washed , dried , analyzed under strict quality controls and classified of hatching rate

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                                                                               Hatching Instructions

1.Hatching tank: A cone-shaped tank works best for hatching 200- 400 Liter, clean tank after hatching.
2.Solution: 25-30ppt salinity sea water of artifical solution with same components.
3.PH: optimal medium 8-8.5 PH.
4.Density: Allow 2.0-2.5 grams of cysts per litre of solution.
5.Temperature: optimal temperature is 28 degree (for 24-30 hours)
6.Illumination: The recommended illumination is 2000 lux
7.Aeration: Maintain aeration to keep all cysts in suspension throughout hatching period,oxygen saturation 2-3 mg per liter of solution. 
8.Hatching time: Allow 24-26 hours for hatching.

Package:  425g/vacuum can, 12 cans/carton;

Storage: Usually our products are frozen in bulk in our own cold storage. Even Artemia kept under cool, dry conditions will begin to vary its hatch within +/- 3 to 5% over the course of 6-12 months. We recommend that Artemia be kept in a cool, dry place after receiving. Freezer storage is not necessary unless you intend on holding Artemia for more than 6 months. The refrigeration or a well air-conditioned room is highly recommended. 

Note: If cysts are frozen or held in cold storage while in inventory, allow cysts to acclimate at room temperature for 12 – 24 hours before attempting to hatch.