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Decapsulated Artemia cysts

Decapsulated Artemia cysts are artemia cysts with hard chitinous shell removed  in a very delicate chemical manner, leaving behind a highly nutritious brine shrimp embryo to feed to your tanks. The procedure of separating embryos from a hard protective shell is called decapculation. During the processing, the nutritional value is superior to newly hatched brine shrimp because no energy has been used by the brine shrimp to hatch.

No need for incubation to obtain nauplii because fish eat and successfully digest decapsulated artemia eggs. Dry artemia cysts without hard shell are extremely nutritious, valuable and well-digestible food that contains all the most necessary elements of fry’s feed and adult fish’s one. It provides a spectacular growth and development. You can use decapsulated eggs to feed fry and the small fish.

Decapsulated cysts offer a number of advantages compared to non-decapsulated cysts 

Content Analysis: Protein 50%, Lipids 12%, Moisture 8% 

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